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This is a simple conky configuration

    background yes
    use_xft yes
    xftfont HandelGotD:size=8
    xftalpha 0.5
    update_interval 4.0
    total_run_times 0
    own_window yes
    own_window_type normal
    own_window_transparent yes
    own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager
    double_buffer yes
    minimum_size 200 5
    maximum_width 220
    draw_shades no
    draw_outline no
    draw_borders no
    draw_graph_borders yes
    default_color grey
    default_shade_color red
    default_outline_color green
    alignment top_right
    gap_x 20
    gap_y 60
    no_buffers yes
    uppercase no
    cpu_avg_samples 2
    override_utf8_locale no

    CPU $alignr ${cpu cpu0}%
    ${cpugraph cpu0}

    MEM $alignc $mem / $memmax $alignr $memperc%
    swap $alignc $swap / $swapmax $alignr $swapperc%

    / $alignc ${fs_used /} / ${fs_size /} $alignr ${fs_free_perc /}%
    ${fs_bar /}
    $processes processes ($running_processes running)
    NAME $alignr PID    CPU
    ${top name 1} $alignr ${top pid 1} ${top cpu 1}
    ${top name 2} $alignr ${top pid 2} ${top cpu 2}
    ${top name 3} $alignr ${top pid 3} ${top cpu 3}
    ${top name 4} $alignr ${top pid 4} ${top cpu 4}
    ${top name 5} $alignr ${top pid 5} ${top cpu 5}
    ${top name 6} $alignr ${top pid 6} ${top cpu 6}
    ${top name 7} $alignr ${top pid 7} ${top cpu 7}
    ${top name 8} $alignr ${top pid 8} ${top cpu 8}
    ${top name 9} $alignr ${top pid 8} ${top cpu 9}

   ${if_existing /proc/net/route eth0}Wired
   IP address: $alignr ${addr eth0}
   Inbound ${downspeed eth0} kb/s $alignr Total: ${totaldown eth0}
   Outbound ${upspeed eth0} kb/s $alignr Total: ${totalup eth0}
   ${if_existing /proc/net/route eth1}Wireless
   IP address: $alignr ${addr eth1}
   SSID: $alignr ${wireless_essid eth1}
   Speed: $alignr ${wireless_bitrate eth1}
   Connection quality: $alignr ${wireless_link_qual_perc eth1}%
   Inbound ${downspeed eth1} kb/s $alignr Total: ${totaldown eth1}
   Outbound ${upspeed eth1} kb/s $alignr Total: ${totalup eth1}
   ${if_existing /proc/net/route ppp0}Mobile
   IP address: $alignr ${addr ppp0}
   Inbound ${downspeed ppp0} kb/s $alignr Total: ${totaldown ppp0}
   Outbound ${upspeed ppp0} kb/s $alignr Total: ${totalup ppp0}

Here's what we get on Xubuntu 14.10 -- notice how Xubuntu fires up with less than 300Mb memory usage :)


You can add this to your startup options (XFCE desktops) by going to:

However, in practice with XFCE (Xubuntu) at least as of 14.10 there is no reason for adding conky to the autostart application list since XFCE tends to save your session by default (perhaps even if you don't want it to). So just start conky by typing "conky -q" in a terminal and let the save session feature take care of bringing it back when you log in again later. If you have conky in the auto-startup list and you save your sessions you might find multiple conky instances running, which is not at all what you wanted. On that bug, see: multiple conky processes. As far as I'm concerned the problem is that the checkbox for "Save current session" is checked on even if you do *not* choose the option to automatically save sessions on logout. So the devs at XFCE need to fix this someday...

last modified: 06-Feb-2015
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